Molyb – Codelco (Chile)

Control of Molybdenum Blast Furnace Gases - Molyb - Codelco (Chile)

In March 2014, Foster Wheeler asked us for a solution for the emissions from the molybdenum production furnace of the Codelco-Molyb project. 

Our proposal makes explicit the importance of the energy level of the emissive source, so we will use this same energy in the dimensioning of the control system for the furnace emissions (handling of dust + gases). 

From an energetically point of view, the problem is reduced to recognize the operating and geometric variables of the plant, and to design from there a solution that juggle the necessary energy transformation and the geometry of the control system. 

This is how we reach the design of chamber with deflectors, plus a retention system (filter), selecting a traditional equipment for operation with hot gases. The result was a furnace that operates without visible emissions and where 98% of the emissions were controlled.


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