About us



SAME has more than 30 years of experience in developing innovative solutions for air pollution problems in mining and industrial processes.

It has a long history both nationally and internationally, developing projects in the main mining markets of the world (Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, United States, South Africa, Laos and Norway). This has positioned SAME as a worldwide reference in industrial ventilation and control of air pollutants.

Today it reborn focused on delivering the best technology. With a much lighter and more dynamic organization, it transfers its value to its clients by giving them more economical prices, maintaining the technical quality backed by 30 years of experience and more than a hundred projects developed in Chile and around the world.



Design, implement and spread innovative technological solutions based on efficiency, guarantee and environmentally sustainable, that solve the problems of air quality in all types of productive processes.



To be a world-wide reference in technological solutions of industrial ventilation, that improves the quality of life of workers and citizens of the world.


Social responsibility

Contributing to improve the life quality of workers and environmental care is part of SAME’s purpose since its establishment. That is why we fulfill and help our clients to comply with the most demanding regulations and conditions in occupational safety and environmental care.