SAME Technology

Technology based on virtual works (balance of energy states) that allows to solve with a physical sense the discontinuities of the dynamic model (vector), through an energy analysis (scalar), which is achieved by distinguishing two independent processes:

  1.  The fluid handling process, which transports the contaminant from the emissive source to the retention equipment, under conditions that allow optimizing the work of it. This process of ventilation control is where the energy transformations occur.
  2.  The retention process, which generally requires a process of selection of filtration equipment according to the characteristics of the contaminant.

The evidence shows that for an emission to exist, the specific-energy of the emitter body must be higher than its surroundings, and the level of turbulence depends proportionally on the energy differences.

The SAME technology allows us to minimize the differential between the specific energies, so as to reduce the level of turbulence of the emitter and consequently to control the emission.

The SAME technological proposal represents a paradigm shift, since the current solutions to the problems of ventilation and emission control, are based so far on a Dynamic Model, which uses Fluid Mechanics.

SAME Technology


The stages that allow us to guarantee efficient and stable solutions using energy methodology are the following:

  1. Perform a diagnosis of the problem.
  2. Define the parameters that influence the dispersion of pollutants.
  3. Assess the energy levels of the factors involved. The methodology of virtual works allows modeling and transforming kinetic energy into potential energy.
  4. Develop a proposal of Concept Model, offering an comprehensive solution to the client’s requirements, specifying the development and implementation of the following stages.
  5. Advise or implement basic and specialty engineering solutions (incorporation of control equipment and other equipment).
  6. Implement or advise the implementation, commissioning and start-up.
  7. Perform maintenance and after-sales services.

SAME Methodology