Neblona Acida - Spence

Maintenance Audit and System UpGrade - Spence - BHP Billiton (Chile)

In 2011, Spence made the decision to carry out a first maintenance audit project and upgrade to the system with SAME. This is due to the fact that external maintenance does not meet SAME standards and jeopardizes system efficiency.

After 7 months, Spence reached its lowest historical concentrations of acid mist, with values around 0.4 mg/m3 on average and 97% of system availability, largely complying with the Chilean regulation (0.65 mg/m3 – value adjusted to geographic altitude).

These outstanding results were presented by BHP at the 2012 Hydroprocess Congress as a case of study, and generated an additional 1-year contract for SAME’s audit.

(Spence current density: 380 amp/m2 approx.)


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