Control de Polvo - El Soldado

Dust Control in Crusher and Conveyor Belts – El Soldado – Anglo American (Chile)

In January 2015, El Soldado Mine (Anglo American) asked us for a solution to control dust emissions at the slag crushing plant, as the plant was stopped because of dust emissions.

We performed a test operation to identify the context, the level of energy released in the emission, how it was involved with the environment and the spaces available in the plant.

This first stage is relevant because it allows us to identify the magnitude of the more critical variables, and to design a solution incorporating the energy of the emissions. Once the energy level of the emissions and characteristics of the plant were recognized, cameras were designed to absorb the kinetic energy of the emissions, which would be connected to the mill and to the most critical points.

 Subsequently, we complemented with the most appropriate retention system, in this case we defined wet system. 

The results were optimal, just with the camera system we managed to control more than 80% of the emissions, which if we added the humidification system, this efficiency was even higher.


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